Professional evaluation and audits are an integral part of any crises management and risk compliance program. Repucover Professional external audit services provide company with significant insights. Our team will collaborate with your workforce to convey effective audits that produce quantitative and qualitative data for compliance and improvement catalogues.

Why companies need to undergo with the Audit Procedure?

It is great business practice for organizations to undergo a comprehensive audit of their crises management system including plans, strategies and staff preparing. It is a tool and template to be used as a road map for the completion of a specific assurance plan or process.

The target of the system audit will be to:

  • Provide management with an evaluation of the plan viability, assessing its scope, completeness and state of readiness in the event if the plan needs to be initiated.
  • Identify internal controls and inadequacies that could influence the execution of the plan along with its effect on the reputation and image of the organization.
  • Develop the other alternative work plans and also evaluate their success ratio

The audit will allow a company to build on its crises management plan and use it as a working document. Moreover, it will provide detailed input so that the organization can evaluate its internal assets and adjust in like manner to meet the goals of the plan and its implementation. Repucover will be your partner in providing you an intensive audit of the organization’s work plans, techniques, infrastructure and assets. Our service incorporates a risk evaluation, examination of protocols and relationships with outside accomplices, auxiliaries and suppliers.