Corporate communication is a set of activities involved in orchestrating or managing all the internal and external communications on which the company depends. It is the command, policies, messages or rules issued by a corporate institute, body or organization to its employees, media, partners, and the general public. Corporate communications help organizations explain their mission, vision and values into a cohesive message to stakeholders.

Importance of Corporate Communication:

Now a days, there is information driven and highly competitive business surrounding which is the main strategy of the corporate communication. Positive image can be reinforced by the sensible, thoughtful, consistent and well ultered message through communication that is well managed and run professionally by the enterprise and business. The larger PR and consultancy firms like Repucover effectively maintains the efforts of this type of communication. We possess the expertise and training to manage corporate communication and offers solutions to ensure that your company brand or personal profile emerges stronger.

Components Of Corporate Communication:

Corporate communication is the means by which organizations build their brand value. In recent times, a large number of organizations have realized that effective communication can not only avert crisis situations but also increase the brand power. With this dual objective in mind, a growing number of companies are laying a lot of emphasis on boosting their communication by means of contracting a consultancy firm or either by establishing a corporate communication department

Generally, an organization’s corporate communication department manages communications with stakeholders both internal and external such as media, staff, customers, governments and shareholders. The corporate communications department tries to ensure that what the organization says about itself is matched by what it does. The corporate communications function, which might be carried out by a third party firm or a large department, comprises several elements.

External Functions of Corporate Communications- External communications have a significant impact on the company’s well-being. Reputation and brand are built on dealings between representatives of the company and those outside it. The CEO, owner or other top executives serve as the face of the company and officially speak for it, on the other hand, the company employees also represent the organization in their dealings with vendors, clients and customers.

Internal Functions of Corporate Communications- A common aspect of internal corporate communications is employee relations — ensuring accurate and consistent communication with employees. This communication can be both formal and informal. The employee handbook, memoranda and employee reviews are examples of formal communications; personal or ad hoc conversations would be informal communications. Regular and well-executed employee communications is particularly critical during tumultuous times for an organization to ease anxieties, boost morale and inhibit inaccurate information that may trickle outside the organization.

Public Affairs- Organizations in every sector are subject to the laws and regulations at the local, state, and federal level. The job of public affairs staff, is to put forth the organization’s case for amendments to proposed or existing legislation, and in some cases, to campaign for new laws. Public affairs staff often work with media relations to run integrated campaigns.

Media Relations- Media relations professionals ensure that the organization as a whole is represented positively in the media. Media relations work includes responding to media inquiries and writing and distributing news releases. Corporate communicators oversee all planning for news conferences, including selecting the site for an event, arranging for banners and other graphics to be displayed at the event, preparing packets of information to distribute to the media and preparing executives to speak at news conferences. Media relations also involve arranging for spokespersons to appear on local television and radio programs.

Investor Relations- The purpose of investor relations is to reassure shareholders that their investment in the company was a wise move, and that they should continue to hold onto their shares, if not buy more of them. The emphasis of communications is on the financial success of the company and the decisions it makes that will lead to growth. The investor relations team produces regular financial and management reports and briefs for the financial media.

Crisis communications- Crisis communications is a facet of corporate communications that deserves special attention. Companies and high-profile individuals can find that one crisis and how it is handled can forever alter their corporate path. It could be a product failure, employee injuries, an executive firing or mass layoff, a natural disaster that affects a corporate facility or just an unsubstantiated rumor. Every organization needs to have a crisis communications plan in place before the crisis, with a designated spokesman and crisis team on which to call. Particularly with current social media, proactive planning is essential to the overall health of corporate communications.

How Repucover Help to Improve your corporate communication:

At Repucover, our entire team is on standby to helping you with everything from creating a full-blown issues management strategy to framing crisis communications messages for the media, your investors or employees. We take practical methodology to deal with unconventional situations and produces remarkable results for international companies. We work to ensure that our solutions and practices deliver maximum value to our customers—that as many customers as possible can benefit from them.

If you’re new to the world of corporate communication, take some time to browse our site and learn more about us! If you would like to talk to us about implementing a corporate communication programme in your company, please feel free to contact us… We will be happy to assist you in any case.