Crisis Simulation

When you have your crisis management plan in place, it’s essential to discover if it is effective, practical and robust. A crisis management plan that sounds good on paper may not workout in practice. At very least there is likely to be gaps in the plan or actions that can be improved.

A crisis simulation will pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your crisis management plan, allowing you to take corrective action and ensure that you are better prepared for your future. Major corporations conduct annual crisis simulations to test their crisis plans and their people. It is a sensible methodology because personnel change and, within few years, large portions of the key individuals who were involved in an earlier simulation may have moved on.

We recommend that crisis simulations are organized by external experts such as Repucover instead of your in house group. If you come through with flying colors, you can be confident about the effectiveness of your crisis communications plan and the performance of your people.

A crisis is not something you ever want to experience, though if one were to strike; you would want your team to have as much experience as possible in order to manage it rapidly and adequately. Our crisis simulation gives your team that experience, reinforces their skills and quickly recognizes areas within your crisis plan that leave you more vulnerable than prepared.