Repucover provides economic forecasting and advisory services to assist entrepreneurs, financiers and government officials. We help business leaders prepare for opportunity, empowering them to act with confidence when making strategic decisions. Our economic intelligence services also provide risk analyses based on the work, research and insights of a network of economic, political and business experts.

Since from years, our forecasting and advisory services have informed entrepreneurs, financiers and government figures around the world. Our analysts are of the highest caliber, determined to seek out the facts that will steer their analytical thinking.

Importance if Economic Intelligence

Today, information must be considered as a source of energy, like oil and gas, albeit an immaterial form of energy.

The easy access of economic intelligence creates opportunities as well as threats. Economic intelligence (also known as EI) means smart information management in order to know, understand and anticipate the outside environment, (key competitors, rules, stakes, trends…) to prevent risks, particularly in immaterial fields, and to exert ethical influence.

Economic Intelligence is closely linked to knowledge management and to human resources, because people have explicit and implicit knowledge that will be revealed only if reliable processes and real motivation exist in the organization. For all international players, whether they are states, big firms, or non-state organizations, EI is a tool for competition as well as a tool for governance and for national security.

Economic intelligence with Repucover

The ultimate goal of Repucover and our knowledge management is to produce added value, in two steps: transform information into knowledge and knowledge into sustainable added value.

We possess a proven record of successful clients including many of the world’s reputed and finest companies. We are proud of our ability to help thousands of businesses by providing key insights effectively, so that their business practices become productive and successful.

If you want more information about our economic intelligence services or need a consultation on any matter, please feel free to contact us… We will be happy to assist you in any case.