Your customer reviews are your reputation

Customers need to feel your brand reinvents itself every day, and brings fresh air to its content. If you keep posting the same things on your social networks, you won’t be able to keep their attention and they’ll soon decide to go see what’s happening somewhere else. Companies that want to succeed in their social media strategy need to find ways to create original and relevant content. Keeping your social media content varied and interesting needs a lot of effort and investment, but it is worth your energy.

We know how good news spread like wild fire and bad ones escape with the speed of the light. The same can be applied to positive and negative customer reviews. People on social media like to know they have the power to give their opinion and you can find their comments all over the web. Positive opinions are a great asset to your brand, and here’s how you can make them relevant in your social media posts.

1. Find the best customer review

Firstly, you need to take time to go through your customer reviews to find the one that’ll catch the attention of old and new potential customers. There are many review management tools online that you can use to help you find all the best comments that promote your business. ReviewTrackers is a good one to try, it is a very fast tool that’ll give you a great overview of all the comments your customers made. You’ll be given a list of all the reviews written online from all the people who tried your product or had an opinion on your business, and from that, you can pick one that stands out and gives the most positive opinion on your business. Keep one that gives feelings, don’t make it emotional, but something ‘human’ is great to touch people and make them feel concerned. Adjectives are great, they make it real and show the person knows what she’s talking about.

2. Design a visual

Once you’ve picked the best sentence, you need to use it to make a visual that’ll get people into reading it and make an impact on them. It is important to choose a background image that is linked to the subject of your text and that’ll back it. Obviously, do not choose a sunset picture to feature a review speaking about how great your burgers are at your restaurant! Choose something more relevant, for example people sitting at a restaurant and enjoying a meal, or something that is at least connected to food and catering. The image must be beautiful, enjoyable to watch and make people want to read what is featured on it. Based on which network you want to post the image on, you need to think about an image size that’ll fit. If you don’t have images to choose from in your business database, there are many free images you can find online. Try AllTheFreeStock, a great reference for free images online. The image needs to have enough ‘clear’ space to allow you to write the review and the person who wrote it (it is essential to always give credit to your customer who took the time to tell you your product or business is great).

3. Share with your customers

It is now time to allow the world to see how great people think your business is! Post your visual on social media, making sure you schedule it to a time you know most people will see it. If your review is for a restaurant, it is good to post it at a time you know people might begin to look for a restaurant to eat at. By seeing what customers thought of your restaurant, there’s a chance they might want to try it too! And who knows, maybe leave a great review and give you new content for a future post!

It is known we all prefer advices from people than businesses themselves. Obviously, companies believe their product is great, but knowing people tried your product and enjoyed it, gives customers more confidence in buying it. A Nielsen study of over 28,000 Internet respondents found that 92% of consumers around the world say they trust recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising. So when they see real comments from customers, it gives them a better proximity to your product. Using this strategy is good to get closer to your customers and show them their opinion really matters.

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