Influencers Relation

Every investor certainly hate crisis because nobody wants a surprise situation. Due to that it is important to keep them inform about the situation. If your company is facing any sort of crisis it is in your best interest to inform your investors first before they can hear this news from any other channel.

By successfully managing the crisis you can re-gain the confidence of your investors and you can also impress them by lifting your company up from the worst stage. That in turn will lead to them being even more loyal and supportive of your company in the future. With regards to crisis management, we can advise you on what to say to investors and when to say it. Our investor relations arsenal includes financial announcements, investor and analyst presentations and Q&As.


We know the significance of maintaining strong links with existing customers and we subscribe to the rationality that it is more essential to retain a valued customer than win a new one. With regards to customer relations we bring an outside perspective. We can help by:

  • Assessing customer relations practices so that improvements are put in place to ensure customers feel respected and valued.
  • Helping to win and retain customers so that you extend the lifetime value of the patronage.

Clients who feel valued and wanted are your most potent ambassadors. Our job is to offer you some assistance with nurturing strong customer relationships so they endure forever.


Media relation is a skill we have in abundance. In addition to our media relations expertise, we have many years of crisis management experience so often we can handle a media crisis before  it gets the chance to grab the headlines. If that can’t possible we can prevent the crisis from getting out of hand by careful media management.

The sooner we think about your issues the better. Advance knowledge allows us to put a media relations technique in place and ensure that we are in control.