Repucover offers tailored and innovative Public Affairs and Lobbying services to commercial businesses, trade and professional bodies, community groups and charitable organizations who are experiencing legislative, policy or regulatory challenges.

Our goal is to be trusted advisors to our clients, helping them contribute to better policy outcomes.

It is our role as Public Affairs and Government Relations advisor’s to represent our clients who face legislative, policy, planning or regulatory challenges, by using our expertise to devise and implement effective  strategies that will enable meaningful engagement with Government at both national and local level and key decision-makers, including connected stakeholders in seeking positive solutions.

The role involves demystifying  the political and legislative process, by enabling better engagement with key decision-makers and keeping our clients, up-to-date with the latest developments in specific areas of legislation and policy which may be of interest or concern.

Our lobbying and Public Affairs services include:

  • Strategic Policy Development- Identifying the policy issues relevant to business objectives and devising comprehensive public affairs and advocacy strategies to achieve favorable solutions.
  • Government and Stakeholder Relations- Organizing and managing meaningful engagement and lobbying activities with key-decision makers, political representatives and interested stakeholders.
  • Policy Drafting and Reporting: Preparing detailed policy, research and submission papers relating to client positions and interests.
  • Planning Consultancy: Providing strategic advice and early engagement services for clients seeking planning approval through the planning process.
  • Funding Consultancy: Advisory and drafting services available regarding funding initiatives.
  • Crisis Management: Providing fast and effective solutions in times of crisis and to mitigate against reputational risk.
  • Media Relations: Preparing and controlling the distribution of news content to ensure effective media engagement at the national and regional level.
  • Political Monitoring and Data Analysis: Providing up-to-date information and analysis for considering decision-making.

Every organization is unique and has different reasons for needing public affairs and lobbying services. Some need to establish strong relationships with government leaders while others seek to develop a clear legislative agenda along with activities to achieve success. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to governmental consulting, Repucover takes the time to sit down, get to know your organization, and determine the exact course of action necessary to meet your objectives. We will help you identify issues and target the decision makers who need to hear your message. Our ability to strategize and plan comes from years of experience in successfully advocating on behalf of our clients. 

We are your Legislative partners:

As a client, you may desire assistance in understanding complex legislative issues and how they will affect your organization.  What you need is an objective analysis that uses understandable language and is succinct enough to provide the needed information in a brief amount of time. Our team of professionals can help you cut through the jargon and acronyms that make government frustrating to most outsiders. Our consultants have extensive background in creating position papers, analysis and fact sheets in regards to public policy issues.

Why you need a Lobbyist?

In the world of governmental affairs, knowledge is power. Who you know is important – but knowing how to navigate governmental waters to achieve a result is what really matters.

At some point, every organization faces regulatory scrutiny, increased public scrutiny and changes in the way you do business. The success of your organization is tied to your ability to communicate your message to governmental decision-makers. We can make sure you have a voice in the public discourse.

Businesses today operate in a complex environment where laws, regulations, politics and even media attention affect day-to-day operations. Repucover provides full-service lobbying and regulatory affairs advice. We help ensure our clients achieve their business objectives by crafting strategic plans and advocating for their issues at all levels of government.

To know more about our services – contact us:

At Repucover, we specialize in an array of reputational, and business crisis and management services. Our firm’s depth of knowledge, trusted relationships and unparalleled experience helps it to develop the most effective solutions for your needs. Our professional public relations team diligently serves clients across all industries (commercial businesses, trade and professional bodies, community groups and charitable organizations) in establishing and executing effective campaign strategies, even in the final hour. Contact us today to set up your consultation.