Learn Medias and public relations

The environment created by a crisis is diverse to business as usual; it is fast-paced, intricate and dubious. The stakes are high, and your success or failure is judged by how well your company deals with the media, public and stakeholders reactions. It is key for any crisis communications reaction that the right individuals are equipped with the abilities to communicate under pressure in a timely, coherent and, most importantly, credible manner, thereby insuring company reputation is maintained well in the eyes of key stakeholders. At Repucover, our media training options are tailored to your specific needs.

In today’s rapidly changing media landscape, we can deliver our insight to your organization. Our senior media strategists can equip and train your staff on the best way to communicate with reporters via telephone, how to handle a meeting and how to best represent your organization’s image.

Why Media Training is so important?

In the recent era of 24/7 news, citizen journalism and social media, bad news makes great news and good news just doesn’t make the headlines. Sharing news on social media, Posting the comments, information and images is verging on quick and everybody has an opinion. Communicating quickly and effectively with internal and external stakeholders is fundamental to an effective crisis response; your reputation and future depend on it.   It is important, essentially for any business or company who is seeking to improve their presence and reputation in the press. And obviously you don’t want to caught yourself with the blunt questions of reporters.

Communicating wisely in crisis rarely happens by chance.  It demands a planning, training, strategic approach, and integration into an overall crisis management framework. At repucover, we help and train your staff to all the way. We take customized approach in training your team according to your crisis situation. So whether you want to conduct a press briefing or planning a meeting with the reporter – we got you covered.