Reputation Protect® ©

Even the most successful and well-known companies eventually come across what’s known as Reputational Risk. While a major challenge for businesses worldwide is preparing for the unexpected, sometimes the unexpected occurs and the fallout can be immense.

Even the most unimaginable and seemingly unimportant mistake could lead to a full-blown media incident, destroying your reputation and resulting in increased costs and resources in the process.

Repucover – Reputation Protect® © is here to equip your company with the necessary resources and put a plan into action in order to mitigate the effects of reputational risk crisis, should one occur.

Helping your company out of the spiral vortex of a reputation crisis is something that must be faced head- on. With a leading media analysis consultancy and a select panel of international communications consultancies, Repucover – Reputation Protect® © is ready to face any challenge that might be uprooting your company from the inside out.

Sources of Reputational Risk

The list of reputational risks and threats could go on forever but the majority of them are summarized as follows:

• Health and safety incidents

• Operational crises and events (e.g. pollution)

• Product recalls and quality control errors

• Business and service interruptions

• Financial losses and irregularities

• Negative associations with third parties

• Management and governance topics

• Legal and regulatory investigations

• Allegations over business practices

• Ethical violations and challenges

Dealing with these crisis situations demands professionalism and efficiency. Luckily, we have both.

In order to effectively combat the situation, we first have to assess the damage and gauge the current perception by the media and public. After the assessment is completed by Repucover, the next step is to continue monitoring the media perception and work hand in hand with the client and a selected expert consultancy, who will support a tailored response to the crisis.

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